Changing Role of Teachers in the 21st Century

     In the past, teachers were seen as "keepers of knowledge."  The teacher would share this knowledge and students would consume, memorize and regurgitate.  Today students have access to information 24/7 because of cellphones, tablets, pcs, etc.  The teacher is no longer the student's primary access to information and therefore the role of teachers must change is the teacher is to remain relevant in the 21st century. 
     To be relevant the teacher must now model and mentor students on how to share knowledge and learning.  With the availability of information, the teacher must guide students on how to access, analyse, evaluate, synthesise, create and collaborate in order to create global learners and citizens.  In order for this to happen the teacher must be willing to release "control" of the information and allow students to learn, explore, and create meaningful tasks relevant to their world.  The teacher's role should guide students to be wise consumers of information, responsible producers of content and active participants in collaboration with a global community.

Our changing students.
Follow the link to see the importance of changing the way we teach in the 21st Century.

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  1. What a great post, and a great start to the documenting of your journey. I am glad that you chose to create this blog as a professional resource and a place to share your voice and experience, not just for the course, but for ongoing professional learning. Your writing is clear and strong. I'm also glad to be the first one to comment!! ;) - Zoe