Lesson Planning for the 21st Century

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As my teaching partner, Chantelle Davies and I discuss how we want next years classes to go; we know we want to embrace 21st Century technologies more. It is our hope that through teaching our usual content lessons through blogging and other digital tools, we will excite our students and transform their learning in a way that encourages deeper thinking skills. In an effort to prepare for back to school, we have begun to develop some initial lessons that will help us get started in discussing how to safely use the internet, how to find/use/source fair use material, and how to develop good quality comments when blogging. Attached in the links below are the lessons we have created so far. We owe a lot of credit in our planning to some fellow, more experienced bloggers. As we are fairly new to the idea of blogging in our classrooms, we have borrowed a lot of ideas from other teachers such as Kelly Jordan, Kathleen Morris, and Mrs. Yollis. We highly recommend checking out their classroom and professional blogs; they’re fantastic! Without their examples, we would have been much more intimidated about making this learning leap with our students.
What types of lessons do you do early in the year when introducing 21st Century technologies to your students?

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