Introducing Parents to Our Classes 21st Century Learning Plans

As we look ahead to the fast approaching school year, my teaching partner Chantelle Davies and I are eager to try many new tech tools we have been exploring.  We have grand plans for making blogging, D2L and iPads a big part of our classroom practice.  We know that a lot of this will be a new experience to both our students and our parents.  In an effort to help introduce our technology plans to our students' parents we have put together a slide presentation that will be embedded into our blog on the first day of school.  As well, we will share this presentation with parents when they come in for Meet the Teacher Night early in the year.  This will be a work in progress up until it is published so please make any suggestions as to what we can do to improve.

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  1. This is fantastic. What a way to start the school year! As a parent, I am so impressed at the effort and willingness you both have gone to ensure that you are meeting your students needs. You are also respecting the fact that parents are not always "in the know" of the tools and strategies that we are using in the 21st Century classroom. In fact, all of this can be very overwhelming to a parent.