Creative Commons - A Shared Culture

I did a quick survey of teachers this past week to find out how some teachers were using technology in their classrooms.  For many of the teachers they responded that they use technology to share images and content from the internet.  I then asked about creative commons?  I prepared myself with an information sheet for those who had never heard of creative commons.  Before began the survey I was also curious to find out what each staff member knew creative commons and where they learned about it.  I predicted that some of the younger tech savvy staff and our administrator would have been familiar with creative commons.  The results of my survey was that the only person who was aware of creative commons was my teaching partner Chantelle Davies.  

The challenge Chantelle and I know face is how do we model and educate staff on the use of creative commons.  We have begun to educate that staff by sharing a informational resource sheet that explains what creative commons is and how it works.  We can further model fair use in our school by teaching our students about fair use with the expectation that they ensure they are using content from the internet as the creator intended.   As children become familiar with the expectation they will transfer this skill to other classes in the school.  To make students successful with fair use, a list of sites needs to be create and shared with all staff members.  Sharing resources will continue to make teachers aware of fair use causing them to reflect on their teaching practices.   Reflections about creative commons will lead to inquiry which could lead the teacher to create a Personal Learning Network.  

Chantelle and I were wondering, what is one thing you could do to start the movement on discussions about creative commons within your school community?  

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