Welcome Back!

I have decided to continue my journey into the exploration of the use of technology in the classroom.  Over the summer my teaching partner, Chantelle Davies and came up with many ideas and lessons that we created in Integration of Technology Part 2 and are now implementing in our classes.  In my class, I have my blog up and am currently teaching my students how to write quality comments.  I am excited to see how my students do with this and what kinds of conversations they generate.  I am also exploring some of the tools we discovered and am showing students how to use this tools.

The next step in my learning journey is to complete the Integration of Technology, Specialist course.  With the completion of this course comes the expectation that I will be a leader in this area.  I have noticed already that colleagues are already begun approach me with questions about technology since they are aware that I have completed parts 1 and 2.  As I work through this course, I hope to discover and learn more about technology in the classroom so that I can lead by putting theory into practice.  Leadership is about accepting and embracing change and supporting others to follow and to accept change.  I have included this clip to reflect on the role of leaders.


My question is are you ready to embrace the changing classroom or are you waiting for more educators to join the movement?

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  1. Great video�� I'm looking forward to being both a lone nut and a first follower, and modelling how to do both well to my students!