A Shared Collection Using Delicious

My teaching partner, Chantelle Davies and I have created a Delicious account that we are sharing together.  We Both originally had accounts of our own, but thought that it would be beneficial to create one account where we could both save resources for teaching our common subject area and as a place to collect resources for our students to access.

Recently, we have been collecting a variety of video's to aid our grade 5 students in their understanding of our science unit:  Forces Acting on Structures.

You can view what have have in our collection so far here:
Grade 5 Forces/Structures on Delicious

One activity we have planned is related to our look into the power of natural forces.  In an effort to have students use resources to engage their higher order thinking skills we have created a task using Google Docs where they can collaborate with other members in their group on the videos they will watch.  The video's are available through the Delicious link above if you add the tag "natural forces"  to the collection that is already there.  However, we have also added the links to the Google Documents students will be working on.

Here is the Google Docs assignment for our students:  The Power of Natural Forces

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