Battle of the Blog

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I have to admit that before I began my course, blogging was a something I was interested in learning more about so that I could use it in my class.  When I would explore other blogs I became intimidated by the look of the blog and all the work that seemed to go into creating one.  My teaching partner, Chantelle Davies, used blogs this past year and ensured me that it was not that difficult to create but I still wasn't convinced but promised to try.  After only a few weeks using a blog I find it fairly simple to use and feel confident that I can follow through on one of Chantelle and mine goals:  create a class blog.

Website vs. Blog

The question before us is why a class blog and not a website?   Though both seem to do similar things, I find them quite different.  Both a blog and websites offer information on various topics.  In a website, the information remains static.  It is placed on the site and rarely updated.  This is fine if a teacher plans to create a website for a unit where students can gather information about a topic.  If the teacher's need of the tool is to only share and distribute content then the website is a good tool.  However, if the teacher would like a collaborative and interactive site then a blog the best tool for this application.  The blog allows the teacher to post update and current content and allows others to interact with that content.  It is a way of sharing and building upon content.  So the answer to the question: blog or website really depends on how the tool will be used in the classroom.  

Websites and Blogs both have a use in the class.  Just to create the tool serves no purpose unless children are explicitly taught what each tool is for and explained how to use each as a learning tool.  However, when I think of a website I think of big name sites(PBS Kids, National Geographic Kids, etc.).  I was wondering if anyone has created a class website and share it as an example.

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  1. Nicely said. We have access to so many different types of virtual tools and online forums and just like the 'concrete' world, each tools has a purpose. You have explained this well.